Summary lesson of front line oprational supervasior,materi 1 and 2.


Summary Lesson of legislation minning safety and environtment.

Basic point of mining safety regulations:
1 -Institutes 1945 constitution.
2-The Law No.1 th. 1970th about job safety
3-Government regulations no.19. 1973th about general mining management
4-Government regulations no.55 2010th coaching and surveillance
5- The Law No.3 2020th about MINERBA mining (revision law No.4 2009th)
6 -Government regulations 26 2018th about the implementation of a good mining code
7-The ministries decision 1827K/30/ 2018 of the good mining code enforcement guidelines
(replace The ministries decision 555/1995)
8- There are some technical guidelines on a decision Director general In accordance with the field.

For the regulation on environmental management easily memorized it abbreviation by adding a little regulation to the previous point that regulates mining safety, that is:
1. 1945 law
2. Government regulations no.27 in 1999 about Amdal
3. Rule 32 th 2009 the management of LH
4. Rule No.3 2020 about Minerba
5. Government regulations no.55 2010 mining surveillance building (environment)
6. Ministries code 26. 2018 technical execution
7. The ministries decision 1827k /2018 attachment V and VI
8. Environmental ordinance.


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