Summary Lesson of front line oprational supervasior 3.


Summary lesson of Safety Accountability.

K3 surveillance program = obviously & measurable.
1) detailed the phase of the k3 surveillance work
2) schedule a surveillance
3) determine the length of time of surveillance
4) Create surveillance instructions
5) determining mandatory aspects/sections (checklist)
6) establishing a surveillance area
7) evaluate the quantity of surveillance, the attendance list and Obedience percentage K3
8)determining responsible person supervision
9) establishing standard evaluation
10) creating advanced reports and archive documents

》Supervisor function:
>As mediator
>Management with field workers
>Innovations are able to move employees towards company goals
> Should be able to motivating workers Its subordinates can work productively and safely

》The role of overseer:
Orientated to K3 (safety Oriented)
Oriented into result production (production oriented)
Oriented for subordinated employees (employee oriented): understanding others, looking after subordinate advisor & instructoc superior peers.


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